The Ultimate CBD Buyer’s Guide
Here’s our easy CBD product guide, featuring the BEST products that meet our standards for quality, safety, purity, potency, and integrity!
Best Capsules for Travel/Work
SOL CBD - Pure Hemp Capsules
These highly bioavailable were formulated with efficiency and discretion in mind. These capsules keep it simple: organic, American-grown full spectrum hemp oil blended with MCT oil in an easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsule.

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Best Drops for Sleep
NanoCraft CBD - Night Formula Drops
Recover. Relax. Recharge. NanoCraft Night utilizes a suite of known sleep support agents in tandem with CBD, to help you ease into flawless rest. 

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Best Edible
Green Garden Gold - Yummy Gummies
You’ve been asking for more relaxing Yummy Gummies for less, and here they are. This bag of Relax Yummy Gummies contains two dozen gummies, with 15mg of CBD per gummy.

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Best Vape
Vape Bright - Thrive Starter Pack
Vape Bright combines a great value with a tremendously potent product that was developed with therapeutic users in mind. There are no chemicals or fillers in this vape.

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Best Value
Receptra Naturals - Active Lifestyle
$24.95 – $249.95
This family company harvests hand-picked, organic hemp from Colorado for their CBD products. This tincture combines CBD with turmeric and a healthy oil super-blend (olive, hemp seed, avocado, MCT). 

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Best Topical
Receptra Naturals - Targeted Topical
There are few other salves that offer so much CBD (up to 800mg) and use 100% natural ingredients throughout.

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Best Pet Product
Receptra Naturals - Pet Drops
There are too many gimmicky pet CBD products on the market. Thankfully, these therapeutic drops aren’t one of them. This is a simple blend of MCT oil and hemp extract that’s safe and all-natural. 

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Here are questions you should ask yourself before buying CBD.
What am I using CBD for?
While more and more people are adding CBD to their everyday supplementation routine, there are just as many (or more) who need CBD for more explicit therapeutic purposes – whether for themselves or a loved one they’re caring for. 

There are brands and products better suited for therapeutic purposes (full potency, no fillers) and those that make more sense for supplementation (added adaptogenic herbs, flavors to improve taste).

Will CBD get me high?
No. CBD is not a psychotropic compound, and won’t produce the intoxication that THC does (the “high” that marijuana users are familiar with). In our experience, most people using CBD say they feel “clear-headed” and calmer than they usually feel. 

What dosage should I start with?
Cannabis, like many herbs, offers a very individualized experience. If you’ve ever used cannabis products before, you know what to expect: for some people, a little goes a long way; for others, it takes more to produce the desired effect. 

In general, starting with a product that lets you have more flexibility in dosing (like drops or tinctures) is often the best way to introduce CBD to your body and see how you respond.

What does CBD cost?
As with any groundbreaking natural products, there are definite tiers of CBD brands. Some keep their products low-frills and low-cost, others have invested heavily in product formulation. And like all natural products, there are wide ranges in price no matter what! 

Overall, we recommend balancing your budgetary needs with CBD companies that prioritize safety above all else. 

(The products we’re recommending in this guide are the best balance of the quality-safety-price triad we’ve found!)

It’s a sad reality that many, many cannabis products – including marijuana – have issues with environmental contamination (by way of pesticide, herbicide, or fertilizer uptake) and heavy metal or solvent contamination, left over from the process of extracting oils from the cannabis plant. 

That’s why we’ve curated this list of companies that are not only transparent about their testing, but are committed to the highest quality standards! 

Should I get products that are discreet? 
This isn’t as big of a struggle as it used to be. There are many, many “upscale” CBD brands that DON’T package their products with obvious cannabis-themed labeling like marijuana leaves, suggestive product names, or juvenile branding. 

If you travel frequently or want to take CBD while you’re at work, consider options like capsules, soft gels, topicals/transdermal patches or edibles. 

Which is more important to me: CBD in its rawest natural form or CBD that’s more bioavailable? 
You may have read our article on juicing cannabis instead of smoking it. There are lots of reasons to choose a cannabinoid product that’s been minimally processed, and those mirror all the reasons why raw food advocates choose to consume living, vibrant foods. 

But processing isn’t all bad! During the standard hemp oil heating process, however, cannabinoids change from their acid form to their activated form, which is what the most familiar benefits are associated with. And processes like lipid-encapsulation can help your body absorb heavy, fat-soluble cannabinoids much more efficiently. This is also why the CBD vaporizer is the deliver system of choice for many people. 

Got your questions answered? 
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Still Have Questions? Talk to a Cannabis Doctor
We’ve written a lot about cannabis, and about the amazing capabilities of cannabidiol (CBD), particularly for children suffering from intractable epilepsy. 

Like THC, CBD is just one of dozens of medicinal compounds in cannabis (called cannabinoids), but it gets a lot of attention for good reason. Proponents and emerging research both say CBD-dominant cannabis (like hemp) delivers all of the positive benefits of medical cannabis, but without intoxication. 

While treating serious medical conditions with cannabis is not as ground-breaking of an idea as it once was, cannabis supplementation – thinking about cannabis as an essential “vitamin” – is a relatively new concept. 

Why would I need to supplement my diet with cannabinoids? 
CBD is the primary focus of a nearly two-decades-old US Department of Health and Human Services patent that seeks to develop a new class of antioxidant drugs using – you guessed it – cannabinoids generally, and CBD in particular. Why is this? 

Oxidative stress (and its primary symptom, inflammation) is the underlying cause of most diseases plaguing people today. The development of a drug aimed at getting to the root of most disease – instead of treating the symptoms only – would be a huge, progressive shift in focus for big pharma. 
Medical science has known since the early ‘90s that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for the hugely important task of homeostasis. 
Luckily for humanity, cannabis in its natural state – with its full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids – is superior to isolated and synthetic pharma-developed cannabinoids in almost every way. 

While its ORAC score has never been officially tested, the patent mentioned above states that CBD has more powerful antioxidant capabilities than vitamin C or vitamin E. 

Cannabinoids may be so important to our overall health that our modern diets, stress, and environment might make us deficient. Supplementing could bring the ECS back to optimal functioning, thereby possibly eliminating the underlying chronic conditions impacting your everyday health. 
And given how big of an impact cannabinoids like CBD can have on your health, it’s CRITICAL to choose your source wisely. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help those of us who live in places without cannabis legalization safely source effective CBD from hemp.

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